Bluewhale ApS
Fruebjergvej 3, boks 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Phone: +45 39 17 99 73
CVR: DK29824479

Bluewhale Desktop (Java Webstart)

Bluewhale Desktop is started from the Bluewhale Server welcome page by clicking "Bluewhale Desktop".

Files and folders are attached usign the "Attach file" and "Attach folder" button or using drag-and-drop.

If you to need to send the files to multiple recipients just separate the addresses with semicolon (;).

If you want a copy just check the "Copy to sender" field.
Check the receipt field to get a receipt when the files are downloaded.

To receive large files you can send an invitation, this is done from the "File" menu. This will allow the recipient to send large files to you only. You can also generate a "Send files" button for your signature.

From the file menu you can enable/disable the right-click-to-send feature in Windows Explorer.