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Bluewhale Server

3.8.0 - Released 2016-04-25

Bwviewer enhanced
RESTful API version 1.1
Security enhancements
Bug fixes, e.g. CSR generation.

3.7.7 - Released 2016-01-06
BwViewer enabled.

3.7.6 - Released 2015-11-23
API modified.

3.7.5 - Released 2015-11-23
Improved text when replying.

3.7.4 - Released 2015-11-09
"Disable invitations" and "Pin code required" options added.
Updated Java install link for Bluewhale Desktop.
Removed support for insecure cipher suites.
If updating an existing installation, please remember to update C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluewhale Server\conf\jetty.xml with the new version: jetty.xml for Bluewhale Server 3.7.4

3.7.3 - Released 2015-09-28
Security update from Signaturgruppen (only applicable if using the NemId feature).

3.7.2 - Released 2015-09-15
Global "Mandatory virus scan"-option added.

3.7.1 - Released 2015-06-25
Added global setting for "Use pin code by default".

3.7.0 - Released 2015-04-14
Added support for NemId authentication.

3.6.1 - Released 2014-10-16
Disables SSLv3 to mitigate POODLE attack.
Please also remember to update C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluewhale Server\conf\jetty.xml with the new version: jetty.xml for Bluewhale Server 3.6.1

3.6.0 - Released 2014-10-06
Added brute-force detection and account lock-out features.

3.5.5 - Released 2014-06-07
Added support for authenticated SMTP.

3.5.4 - Released 2014-03-05
Added support for multiple reply-to addresses when using Bluewhale for Outlook.
Fixed Chrome display issue.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_51.

3.5.3 - Released 2013-11-30
Added "Generic sender copy" feature, which removes content from the original message from the sender copy. This can be used for receiving confidential information without an initial pin code protected message.
Recipients are now allowed to change the sender address when responding.
Bluewhale Desktop signed by updated certificate.
Autocomplete now works with multiple recipients in Bluewhale Desktop.
Fixed problem with special characters in messages sent using the web-client.

3.5.2 - Released 2012-12-09
Improved e-mail validation and Swedish texts in web-client.

3.5.1 - Released 2012-11-20
Adds support for Swedish and German languages in web-client.

3.5.0 - Released 2012-11-12
Added all-new GWT-based web-client.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_09.

3.4.1 - Released 2012-07-30
Fixed error message when resending PIN code.
Fixed error caused by certain special characters in filenames.
Fixed localhost redirection on IP6 hosts.
Fixed double creation of accounts due to differences in casing.

3.4.0 - Released 2012-07-10
Bluewhale Desktop Java 7 support.
Improved support for national and special characters in filenames.
Improved https-redirection.
The appropriate content-type header is now set when downloading doc, xdoc, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and pdf files. 
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_05.

3.3.3 - Released 2012-05-18
Adds German language support.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_32.
Fixed problem with nested AD groups.

3.3.2 - Released 2011-12-09
Adds support for Microsoft Failover Clustering.
Bluewhale Desktop signed by updated certificate.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_29.
Various security enhancements.

3.3.1 - Released 2011-04-05
Adds support for the Swedish language.
Supports expiration of invitations (Settings > General > Invitation days).
Supports locked from e-mail addresses in replies (Settings > General > Lock reply from).
The administration system can now generate 2048 bit RSA keys.
Removed link to administration system and Bluewhale Support from the Bluewhale start page.
Improved error message when attempting to download, after the consignment has been deleted in the administration system.
Improved error message when attempting to use an invitation, after it has been deleted in the administration system.
Improved handling of missing first and last names in AD.
The maximum message length of 3k in the browser client is now validated before sending.
Fixed error when clicking on subject on consignment in the administration system.
Fixed problem with deleting PIN code protected messages in the administration system.
Fixed subject field language issue if server locale was not english.
Subject field contents are now hidden if sending PIN code protected from Bluewhale Desktop.
Bundled Jetty application server upgraded to 6.1.26
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_24.

3.3.0 - Released 2011-01-31
Adds support for multiple recipients of PIN code protected e-mails (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.3.0).
Adds support for e-Boks/Digital Post (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.3.0).
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_23.

3.2.0 - Released 2010-10-06
New "Secure Reply"-feature.
Support for Bluewhale invitations sent from Outlook.
Bluewhale Desktop now also supports SMS PIN code protection of e-mail body.
Personal data protection act compliance.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_21.

3.1.0 - Released 2010-07-02
Support for SMS PIN code protection of e-mail body (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.2.0).
Integrated SMS gateway.
Out-of-the-box support for Clam-AV, Trend, McAfee and ESET/NOD virus scanners.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_20.
Bundled Jetty application server upgraded to 6.1.24

3.0.1 - Released 2010-02-05
Expiry date in mails is now printed in bold.
Browser client does not remember passwords by default.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_18.
The installer and other executables are now digitally signed by "Bluewhale ApS".
Improved LDAP and Kerberos error messages.
Fixed direct download of folder with pincode issue.
Fixed missing recipients in text version of receipt issue.
Fixed language issue for "Download all" link in mails.
Fixed Bluewhale Desktop (Java Webstart) folder attach issue on Windows 7.

3.0 - Released 2009-12-02
New Windows installer.
Support for embedded Jetty application server.
Support for embedded Derby database server.
Improved SSL configuration.
Improved LDAP support.
Improved localization support.
Fixed SPF issue.

2.3.0 - Released 2009-10-05
Improved Bluewhale Desktop handling of empty folders.
Improved Bluewhale Desktop Explorer integration.
Fixed SMTP server configuration issue.
Fixed virus scanner integration issue.
Fixed IE 6 layout issue.
Fixed two-factor expiration issue.
Fixed double creation of LDAP accounts issue.

2.2.0 - Released 2009-09-01
Two-factor download authentication using SMS pincodes (requires compatible SMS gateway).
Resumable uploads (requires Bluewhale Desktop / Bluewhale for Outlook 1.1.0).
The administration system now supports editing of e-mail templates and other settings.
Supports LDAP/Kerberos logins on non-HTTPS connections.
Improved usage statistics.
Easier installation - custom configuration of Tomcat is no longer required.

2.1.0 - Released 2009-07-10
Includes the new browser-based client.
The browser-based client is used by default when replying.
Added usage statistics.
Added default 100 times download limit.
Improved "Download limit reached" / "Attachment expired" messages.
Added special consignment type for replies.
Fixed issue with user storage quotas.

2.0.1 - Released 2009-06-17
Fixed logging issue in the bwhome-webapp.
Fixed Bluewhale Desktop (Java Webstart) issue when virus scanning is disabled.
Added configuration options for Bluewhale SMTP.

2.0 - Released 2009-03-23
Support for the Apache Tomcat application server.
Support for HTTP digest authentication when running on non-HTTPS connections.
Auto-configuration of Bluewhale Desktop (Java Webstart).

Bluewhale for Outlook

1.6.9 - Released 2016-01-04
Fixes error when attaching multiple files with the same name.

1.6.8 - Released 2015-11-20
Improved error handling when sending.

1.6.7 - Released 2015-10-19
Added ENABLE_PROCESS_FILES and ENABLE_INVITATION registry options. Both is "True" if not specified.

1.6.6 - Released 2015-09-22
Fixed from address issue on the copy of the original message.

1.6.5 - Released 2015-09-13
Fixed from address issue when sending from public folder.

1.6.4 - Released 2015-08-22
Get USE_PIN_CODE_BY_DEFAULT og virus scan required settings from server (requires min. Bluewhale Server 3.7.2).
Fixed from address issue when sending as someone else ("Send on behalf of").

1.6.3 - Released 2015-06-24
If USE_PIN_CODE_BY_DEFAULT is true, pin code is selected by default when Bluewhale is triggered automatically. Before this version pin code was only selected by default when Bluewhale was manually invoked by the user clicking the "Send with Bluewhale"-button.

1.6.2 - Released 2015-05-31
Disables mobile phone fields if two factor security is disabled server-side.

1.6.1 - Released 2015-04-21
Improved folder-selection dialog.

1.6.0 - Released 2015-03-25
Added support for NemId authentication (requires min. Bluewhale Server 3.7.0).

1.5.3 - Released 2015-02-15
Added INSTALL_PIAS option which installs Outlook and Word interop dlls in the Bluewhale installation folder. This is sometimes needed if the Office version can not be autodetected..

1.5.2 - Released 2014-11-08
Fixed "Insert invitation"-button.

1.5.1 - Released 2014-10-14
Adds "Process files" functionality which allows attachments to be processed without sending the mail. This allows large files and folders to be sent through other add-ins (e.g. Secure mail).

1.5.0 - Released 2014-01-27
If multiple accounts are configured in Outllook, Bluewhale will automatically use the e-mail address of the selected account as sender address (and not the address associated with the Bluewhale/AD login).
Discontinued support for Outlook 2003.

1.4.2 - Released 2013-10-02
Fixes Digital Post/e-Boks support.
Fixes error when an upload is cancelled.
Improved handling of virusscan report.

1.4.1 - Released 2013-08-19
Fixes problem with attaching folders.
Improved handling of empty folders.

1.4.0 - Released 2013-06-17
Support for attaching files larger than 4 Gb (requires min. Bluewhale Server 3.4.0).
Adds support for Outlook 2013.
Adds support for multiple Bluewhale Servers with automatic server selection.

1.3.6 - Released 2013-01-25
Improved stability in Outlook 2010 64-bit.
Improved country code selection.

1.3.5 - Released 2012-05-18
Removed Outlook Security Manager (secman.dll) dependency.
Improved login validation during send. Users are now prompted for credentials if validation fails.

1.3.4 - Released 2011-12-09
Additional Office 2010 detection.
MSI signed by updated certificate.

1.3.3 - Released 2011-11-21
Redemption library is now loaded dynamically and is no longer registered. This increases compatibility with other Outlook add-ins using Redemption.

1.3.2 - Released 2011-04-29
"Send Invitation" updated to save recipient addresses. This allows the server to suggest the from address when replying.

1.3.1 - Released 2011-03-24
Fixed mobile number validation issue.
Disables e-Boks by default.

1.3.0 - Released 2011-02-02
Adds support for Outlook 2010 64-bit.
Adds support for multiple recipients of PIN code protected e-mails (requires min. Bluewhale Server 3.3.0).
Adds support for e-Boks/Digital Post (requires min. Bluewhale Server 3.3.0).
Improved detection of mobile numbers from the address book (Outlook contacts are checked first, then GAL/LDAP MAPI properties PR_CELLULAR_TELEPHONE_NUMBER and PR_MOBILE_TELEPHONE_NUMBER).
Recipients details can be viewed by double clicking on the recipient.
Compression/upload now happens simultaneously.
Supports attachment of root network shares (e.g. \\server\share).

1.2.3 - Released 2010-09-30
Fixed cancel Bluewhale dialog issue.
Improved detection of mobile numbers from the address book (PR_CELLULAR_TELEPHONE_NUMBER is checked first, then PR_MOBILE_TELEPHONE_NUMBER).

1.2.2 - Released 2010-08-20
Adds support for Outlook 2010 32-bit (no 64-bit support yet).
Added "Send Invitation" feature.
Improved support for Vista / Windows 7 UAC (it is no longer required to do the installation "for all users" from an administrator command prompt).
Improved logging on Vista / Windows 7.
Setup.exe now installs .Net 2 SP 2, if .NET is not installed in advance.

1.2.1 - Released 2010-07-05
Fix for stability issues caused by Microsoft KB982524/KB976576.

1.2.0 - Released 2010-04-27
Fixed Jetty large file issue.
Adds support for PIN code protection of the entire e-mail message.

1.1.2 - Released 2009-12-02
Fixed phone number validation issue.
Improved phone number lookups.

1.1.1 - Released 2009-10-05
Fixed compression performance issue.
Improved handling of empty folders.
Added Kerberos SPN configuration on settings page.
Bluewhale Server and Kerberos SPN are now machine level settings (HKLM).

1.1.0 - Released 2009-09-01
Added support for two-factor download authentication and resumable uploads.

1.0.9 - Released 2009-06-29
Added support for self-signed certficates.

1.0.8 - Released 2009-05-28
Improved exception and error handling.

1.0.7 - Released 2009-03-23
Support for Bluewhale Server 2.