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Send large files using email

Bluewhale is for businesses that wish to streamline their communication with large files. Companies that implement Bluewhale obtain significant improvements in terms of productivity since transferring large amounts of data is no longer an issue.

Bluewhale enables you to send large files to anyone, regardless of size limitations on sender and recipient email accounts.

Time consuming processes such as burning cds, administering FTP servers and handling of messages that bounce because of size all become problems of the past.

Get rid of your old FTP server and minimize Exchange storage requirements.

E-mail attachments are automatically intercepted and redirected to the Bluewhale Server.

Links are inserted into the e-mails allowing recipients to download the attachments.

Bluewhale Confidential

If you need to send confidential or sensitive information it can be a major challenge to do so in a responsible and user friendly way using ordinary
Together with Siemens A/S and Egedal Municipality, Bluewhale has developed a solution which complies with the legal requirements for handling of sensitive information. The security is based on two-factor authentication. When an e-mail is sent, a PIN code is sent to the recipient's mobile phone. In order to view the information, the recipient must be in possession of both the e-mail and the PIN code.

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